SAVVI AI, Founder

Alex Muller

About speaker:
Founded SAVVI AI to make AI/ML work for all of us.

Previously, cofounder/CEO GPShopper, acquired by Synchrony (NYSE:SYF) in 2017. While at Synchrony, was the SVP Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) and CPO Fintech/AI. Served on SYF’s Investment Committee where I helped the SYF Ventures team evaluate prospective venture investments. Also, served as Synchrony’s CPO on emerging D2C Fintech / AI products focused on mobile and machine learning.

Current interests are innovative ML/AI based products, tools, and companies and supporting fellow diverse founders refine their operations, technology, visions, and strategy as they go through their entrepreneurial journey.

Named by Forbes as a TOP TEN CEO disrupting the retail industry through technology.